Long Island Knife Sharpening Service

I’m a professional knife sharpener in Massapequa NY, and I make your kitchen knives so sharp they melt through food, using my step by step knife sharpening process. Most professional knife sharpening services use harsh grinders that kill your blade. But as a manual knife sharpener, I sharpen your blades by hand with care.


I provide a Knife Sharpening Service to the Long Island area. With over 10 years’ experience, each knife is personally sharpened by me, and I assure you, I pay meticulous attention to each and every blade.

All knives get dull over time, no matter how well you maintain them or what they are made of. Having a sharp blade allows you to work easily and safely, and keeping that edge on your knives will make them last longer.

My sharpening service includes: knife sharpening, scissors sharpening, serrated knives and more.
• Knives are sharpened equal to or sharper than when new
• Satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money

I sharpen kitchen knives, hunting knives, tactical knives, lawn mover blades, axes, hand tools and MORE.

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Fees: Residential

  • $5.00 per knife
  • $9.00 Axes


Drop off service is by appointment only.

All Sharpening done at Massapequa Location

79 Bernard Street

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